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How Big Is The Cutting Small Magnet
Aug 09, 2018

The magnetic strength of a powerful magnet is related to the material, the direction of magnetization, the temperature of use, and the volume. The main constituent materials of NdFeB are Fe, Co, Ni, etc., which can be magnetized after being magnetized at normal temperature, and can retain extremely strong magnetic properties when the external magnetic field is removed. Ferromagnetic energy has magnetic properties mainly because they have a strong internal exchange magnetic field. NdFeB magnets are made of N35-N52. In the case of the same size, the properties of the finished materials are different. The higher the grade, the stronger the magnetic properties. The magnetism of the magnet is also related to the temperature at which the product is used. The highest resistance to high temperature of ordinary magnets is 80 °C. The magnetity of the magnet over 80 ° C will slowly weaken and lose its magnetism. Different NdFeB materials can meet different high temperature requirements. NdFeB magnets can withstand temperatures up to 230 ° C and can be used in various industries. The magnetism of the magnet is also related to volume. In the case of the same material, the size of the product differs in magnetic strength. These directly affect the magnetic properties of the finished magnet. Therefore, customers can select magnets of different materials and sizes according to the requirements of the products.