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Overview of barium ferrite magnets
Aug 09, 2018

The ferrite magnet is a sintered permanent magnet material composed of tantalum and niobium iron. In addition to strong anti-demagnetization properties, this magnetic material has the advantage of low cost. Ferrite magnets are rigid and brittle and require special machining processes. The opposite-sense magnets are oriented in the direction of manufacture and must be magnetized in the direction taken, while their isotropic magnets can be magnetized in any direction because they are not oriented, although a slightly stronger magnetic induction is found on the smallest side of the pressure-receiving surface. The magnetic energy product ranges from 1.1 MGOe to 4.0 MGOe. Due to its low cost, ferrite magnets have a wide range of applications, from motors and speakers to toys and crafts, making them the most widely used permanent magnet materials.

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