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Magnet manufacturing and therapeutic effects
Aug 09, 2018

Some substances can be rubbed into magnets, the material is not iron, or steel, but not all steel can be made into magnets, because they contain their substances, stainless steel can not act as a magnet. Let's make magnets, magnets and a screwdriver. It's the material you need. Use a magnet to rub the metal part of the screwdriver. From one end to the other, they rub repeatedly to create a magnetic screwdriver. Its role is that the magnet is salty and salty, and it is flat; it has liver and kidney, and the weight is heavy; it has the effect of calming the liver and yang, clearing the eye, calming the nerves, calming the nerves and calming the asthma; attending liver and vertigo, convulsions and insomnia , fainting, tinnitus and deafness, kidney deficiency and asthma.

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